Artist's Statement:

My work depicts evolving beings that are in the midst of healing and transformation. Appearing on the surface as purely decorative abstract forms, further exploration reveals references to moving figures: human, plant, animal, insect, the familiar and the alien. Able to move beyond borders and even between worlds, these beings exist in a state of flux, as the healing process continually expands and rejuvenates their forms and potential.

I create small scale paintings, sculptures and installations from materials that respond to light in ways that intrigue me. Some materials softly absorb light, others reflect, slow down or allow for the uninterrupted passage of light. Many of the materials I work with are also delicate or transitory in nature.

I am drawn to creating these forms because of my own journey from dysfunction to expanding health and potential. For many years powerful, difficult experiences made it impossible for me to create the spirit, quality and form of work my soul demanded. It was only through learning a potent, practical healing process that these barriers began to dissipate, freeing me to live and create again. It is my hope that my work reflects the expansive, quietly revolutionary experience of this process.

Artist's Bio:

M was born in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  She spent her formative childhood years on a small farm in Missouri. Moving to Southern California at the age of 19 she received her BS in Sculpture from Biola University and her MFA from Claremont Graduate University. She works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, installation, video, photography, performance, and painting.